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Wrapping City Hall in Postcards for Paid Sick Days; Vote to make Philadelphia largest city in country with paid sick days teed set for June 9

Action Date: 
26 May 2011

Philadelphia's City Hall, the largest municipal building in the country, was wrapped with over 10,000 postcards by Action United members and allies for the Earned Sick Time Bill. Community members gave City Council a visual of just how many Philadelphians want this bill passed. These were just some of the cards Action United has collected, with a grand total of 17,000 postcards. The postcards were then delivered to Council by members for the session meeting. And it looks like the Council people got the message because Council Clarke pulled the Earned Sick Time Bill out of suspension. It was a great victory and Action United looks forward to having it become law June 9th.

"I am greatly satisfied and excited about this. Once I heal from my injury not only will I become employable again but I'll have benefits. I feel really good about this. This is a great victory, it makes all the rallys and meetings I've attended for the last few months in support of this bill worthwhile."


Action United For the common good