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Occupy America Statement of Support

ACTION United is proud to support the Occupy America movement in our streets and across the country.

ACTION United is proud to support the Occupy America movement in our streets and across the country.

Americans are suffering because Wall Street and the richest 1% have treated the American Economy as their own personal playground instead of as a rising tide to lift all our boats.

Occupy America is a movement as diverse as we are and it represents the 99% of Americans for whom the Government and Economy should be working for.  Without accountability Wall Street, Washington and many of our City Halls have ignored and neglected the 99% to cater to special interests. We need our government to focus on the real needs of the 99%-that's putting Americans to work.

We support and join the occupiers in our streets. OUR STREETS. 



On Wednesday, October 12th we will march from Dilworth Plaza to Wells Fargo to demand they, along with the other banks responsible, return their portion of the $63 million they collectively took from our kids. Like a bully stealing lunch money Wells Fargo and other big banks sold the Philadelphia School District a bad deal and then charged them $63 million to get out of it. That's $63 million dollars lining the pockets of Wall Street while teachers are laid off and our schools struggle to survive. WE DEMAND IT BACK!  ACTION DETAILS



Our members and friends are meeting at Freedom Corner at 9 AM, Oct. 15th, wearing royal blue and gold. We will participate in what is happening at freedom corner, then we will march down, occupy UPMC for a short while, then march to Highmark, to occupy there for a short while. Our message is that these are big corporations pretending to be non-profits. They are not putting the health needs of the people first. Then we will march to Market Square and join the Occupation! Every week, we will Occupy another Corporation that is Putting the people last and influencing our Government with their corruption and filthy dollars!


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