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Come work with us, Pittsburgh!

ACTION United is looking for part time organizer trainees in Pittsburgh.

ACTION United is an organization of low and moderate income families in Pennsylvania. In Pittsburgh, we are working on a big campaign called the Clean Rivers Campaign.

The goals of the campaign are

  1. To educate the public about the stormwater runoff problem that we all face, and ways to solve it that would create green space for our communities and thousands of local jobs, as well.
  2. To build a broad base of members who will work to influence political leaders to focus their energy on making sure that the stormwater repairs that must happen in our county include lots of green infrastructure solutions before just using big tunnels and holding tanks.
  3. To move those members into action, develop their leadership skills, and train them to advance the campaign

So, we are hiring a few part time organizer trainees to go out in the community, door to door, and speak to residents about the Clean Rivers Campaign, and encourage them to join the organization that will win thousands of jobs for local residents and create hundreds of green spaces in our community.

Salary details: $10.00 per hour

Hours are Mon-Thu 3:00-9:00 and Friday 3:00-8:00


To apply, please email your resume to


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YOU are a part of creating change!

The end of the year is time for reflection on the old year and looking ahead at the next one. We at ACTION United thank you for your part in this year's victories and ask you for your commitment to standing with us next year as we take on more challenges and fight for more victories.

It's been an ACTION packed year...

It has been a year of legislative assaults and hard fought battles. And ACTION United has been in the middle of it from Southeastern PA to Pittsburgh's West End and beyond.  Help us fight the good fight in 2012 by including us in your year end giving:

2011 saw a lot of fights and some important wins. Highlights include:

....and so much more!

end of year giving.


Every dollar you give goes towards making change in your community and low and moderate income communities across the State.

As a State wide organization we have the leverage we need to stand together and protect critical programs and to make change in our communities, in the state, and in the county. But we need your support.

BIG plans

We have big plans for 2012, and with your support we can make it happen.  With your help, we plan to:

  • Win Paid sick days by getting a veto proof majority in the city council;
  • Fight for good jobs and clean rivers as a founding member of the Clean Rivers Campaign in Allegheny County;

  • Get out the Vote, knocking on over 300,000 doors of infrequent voters statewide to get them out to vote in November;
  • Recruit and train 250 member voter mobilizers who will register all unregistered voters on their block and then turn them out to vote in November;
  • We will work to close the digital divide by working with Comcast and others to bring the internet to low income communities in PA;
  • Succeed in pushing the Obama administration to fight for and win a larger settlement with the banks as a founding member of the coalition,  Pennsylvanians for a Fair Settlement.

Please consider becoming a sustainer. This is the best way for you to support our organization, creating long tern sustainability for us and also insuring that your support is most effective.






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