Fund Philly Schools

As a parent, I do whatever I can to give my kids the best; that’s my job, but our mayor is starving them of the education they deserve. 

Over the past three years, Mayor Nutter has stood with Gov. Corbett as he gutted funding for Philadelphia’s public schools. I need your help to make sure the mayor can no longer put politics before our children. 

Will you ask your friends, family and colleagues to send Mayor Nutter a message as well? 

We can fix our schools. We need your help in urging our mayor to do the right thing. 

Thank you,
Kia Hinton
ACTION United Parent Leader

P.S. Watch my message to Mayor Nutter here.


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7 Jan 2014 - 4:13pm
Action United is running a citywide citizen outreach campaign to “Save Our Schools”. The goal of the campaign is to recruit grassroots donors and members (sustainers), raise money, identify volunteers and initiate action in response to the Philadelphia school funding crisis. By building a groundswell of public support on the streets of Philadelphia, we can make significant progress on issues that affect our failing public school system. Read More »

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